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Zhongshi Fangyuan (Beijing) Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd.
Positions (27):
1. English Teacher Trainee-1
2. Recruiters for English Teacher-1
3. English Teacher-25

Hainan University
Positions (6):
1. English Teacher-5
2. Vietnamese Teacher-1

American Eagle Institute
Positions (3): English Teacher-3

Positions (5): English Teacher-5

University of Science and Technology of China
Positions (4): English Language Facilitator-4

Hebei GEO University
Positions (17):
1. Teachers major in Geological Resources and Geological Engineering, Geophysics-7 (PhD only)
2. Teachers major in Civil Engineering-8 (PhD only)
3. Teachers major in City Underground Space Engineering-2 (PhD only)

Positions: Geophysicist-1

Hebei Normal University
Positions (4): ESL English teacher-4

Foreign Trade and Business College of Chongqing Normal University
Positions (6):
1. Oral English Teacher-4
2. Japanese Teacher-2

Qingdao Yinhai Academy
Positions (11):
1. AP Maths Teacher(Suzhou)-2
2. AP Chemistry&Biology Teacher(Suzhou)-2
3. Other AP Teachers(Economics/History/English)(Suzhou)-2
4. Primary English teacher(Qingdao)-2
5. Primary Science Teacher(Qingdao)-2
6. A-Level Chemistry Teacher- Qingdao (1)

Chengdu No.7 High School International Department
Positions (6):
1. AP/A-Level Physics teacher-1
2. English Teacher-1
3. A-level/ AS Economics and Business Studies teacher-1
4. Spoken English Teacher-1
5. Art teacher/IELTS Speaking Teacher-1
6. AP/ A-level/ AS Economics and Business Studies teacher-1

China-Africa E-commerce Co., Ltd.
Positions (2): International Affairs Manager-2

Sichuan Sanyuan Environmental Governance Co.,Ltd
Positions (6):
1. Senior Acoustic Engineer-1
2. Deputy Research Manager-1
3. Structural Engineer-1
4. Acoustic/Noise Reduction Engineer-1
5. Production Operation Director (labor protection headset)-1
6. Production Operation Director (ventilation and sound insulation window)-1

Sichuan Jinjiang Electronic Science and Technology Co.,Ltd
Positions (15):
1. Senior Software Engineer -2
2. Senior Hardware Engineer-1
3. Algorithm Engineer-2
4. Sales Representatives for Medical Equipment /Consumables-10

Sichuan International Studies University
Positions (75):
1. English Teachers-30
2. French, German, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Thai, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish and Czech Teachers (2 of each)
3. Foreign Teachers for Specialized Classes Such as Economics, Management, Business, Journalism and Communication, International Relations, etc. (15)

Chengdu Aier Eye hospital
Positions (7):
1. Leader in ophthalmology-2
2. Business Dean-2
3. Ophthalmologist-5
Charming Yard Nature Nook
Positions (3): GRO -3

Fubon Bank (China) Co., Ltd. Chengdu Sub-Branch
Positions (2) : 台商客户经理-2

Sichuan Wiscred Communication Technology co.,ltd
Positions (6)
1. Senior Programmer-5
2. CTO-1

Positions (2): Sales Engineer(Chengdu, Middle East)-2

Sanya Foreign Language School
Positions (10) :
1. Kindergarten Teacher-3
2. IB Kindergarten Teacher-1
3. IB International Art Teacher-1
4. Grade 1 teacher-1
5. Grade 3 teacher-1
6. International Art Teacher-1
7. International Music Teacher-1
8. ESL teacher-1

Tangshan Normal University
Positions (5):
1. Foreign English teacher-2
2. German foreign teacher-2
3. Japanese foreign teacher-1

Tian Fu College of SWUFE
Positions (15):
1. Oral English teacher-8
2. Business Teacher-7

1. Marketing Manager-20
2. Marketing Assistant-20
3. ESL Teacher-20
4. Subject Teacher-20

Sichuan Lan-bridge Information Technology Co., Ltd
Positions (1): Chinese &English Linguist-1, English native speaker only

Shanghai I&C Foreign Languages School
Positions (19):
1. English Teacher-4 (full-time-3, part-time-1)
2. Japanese Teacher-3 (full-time-2, part-time-1)
3. German Teacher-4 (full-time-3, part-time-1)
4. Korean Teacher-1 (part-time-1)
5. French Teacher-2 (full-time-1, part-time-1)
6. Spanish Teacher-3 (full-time-1, part-time-2)
7. Russian Teacher-2 (part-time-2)

Foreign Experts Service Center of Shanxi Province
Positions (65):
1. Teachers
2. Translation Talents
3. Technical

Positions (7+) :
1. International Recruitment Consultant -1
2. Marketing Assistant (Intern) -1
3. Editor (English) -2
4. Editor (German)-1
5. Editor (Japanese)-1
6. Scientific Researcher(Biotech)(Nanjing) -Several
7. Branding/Regional Marketing Specialist (Nanjing) -1

Shenyang Dingqi Human Resources Service Co., Ltd.
Positions (5): Foreign Language Teachers (English)-5

GreatChina International Education-GIE
Positions (11):
1. ESL teacher -4
2. The Humanities(History, Geography, Literature…) teacher -4
3. Business Studies teacher -2
4. IG/A-Level Art teacher-1

Positions (8) : Foreign Editor (English-3, French-1, Spanish-1, Russian-1, Japanese-1, German-1)

Whale Cloud Technology Co.,Ltd.
Positions (50): International Project Delivery Engineer-50
Westchina-Frontier Pharma Tech Co.,Ltd
Positions (6):
1. Marketing Manager Product Manager-2
2. Study Director (biology)-2
3. Study Director (toxicology)-2

Iridium Communications Co., Ltd
Positions (8):
1. Sr. RFIC Design Engineer-2
2. Analog IC Design Engineer-2
3. Antenna Engineer-2
4. RF Microwave Engineer-2

J.Michael Bishop Institute of Cancer Research
Positions (4):
1. Scientific Officer (Cancer Cell Biology)-2
2. Scientific Officer (Medicinal Chemistry)-2

Zhengzhou No.19 High School
Positions (7):
1. English Language Teacher-2
2. Physics Teacher-1
3. Chemistry Teacher-1
4. Economics Teacher-1
5. Calculus Teacher-1
6. Statistics Teacher-1

ENREACH Education
Positions (40):
1. Critical Reading and Writing Teacher-10
2. Debate Teacher-10
3. Drama Teacher-10
4. College Counselor-10

Positions (1): Legal manager-1

EIC Group
Positions (5): English Teacher-5

Chengdu Easton Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
Positions (6):
1. Director of Biopharmaceutical-1
2. Director of Innovative Drug-1
3. Director of Drug Screening Research-1
4. Senior Synthesis Researcher-3

Shijiazhuang Foreign Language Education Group
Positions (12):
1. English Teacher-10
2. German Teacher-1

Chengdu ESWIN SiP Technology Co.,Ltd.
Positions (2): R&D Leader -1
Market Director-1

Mullenlowe Profero
Positions (1): Creative Director-1

Kindos Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
Positions (4):
1.Project Leader of AD-1
2. Research Associate, Pharmaceutical Development-1
3. R&D Research Associate, Analytical Development-2

Chengdu Hyperway Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD
Positions (61):
1. Assistant Director of Quality Research Projects-4
2. Assistant Director of Pharmaceutical Research Project-4
3. Head of Quality Research Project/Quality Researcher-30
4. Head of Pharmaceutical Research Project/Pharmaceutical Researcher-15
5. Director of Innovative Drug Synthesis/Head of Innovative Drug Synthesis-4
6. Director of Generics Synthesis/head of Generic Synthesis-4